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Why choose HPV Chandeliers | HPV Chandeliers

Custom made chandeliers is our core product, and we’re also experts in restoring chandeliers in Europe. HPV Chandeliers is unique because of the unlimited possibilities, personal focus and attention, an impressive and exclusive showroom, and guaranteed quality.

Unlimited possibilities: personalised result

Your dream is to own a custom made chandelier, and we’d like to assist you with that the best we can. All your wishes and needs will be processed into the chandelier. We offer a very large range of colours, sizes, materials and antique components, that will exactly fulfill with your personal needs.

Personal focus and attention

Buying a custom made chandelier isn’t something you do every day, so we understand you need time to think about every part of the process. We offer personal focus and attention, where you will feel comfortable and understood. Our expert advice is professional and unique, as it’ll be for you and your wishes.

Impressive and exclusive showroom

Our spacious and modern showroom gives you a satisfactory impression of our assortment. We paid a lot of attention to the way it looks and the atmosphere it creates. We’d love to show you around and to answer all your questions.

Quality guaranteed: officially recognised

As we know a chandelier is at its best when you take good care of it, we offer ongoing service. Our team is professional and knowledgeable, and has a lot of passion for the company. HPV Chandeliers was founded in 1938 and these days, the fourth generation works in this craft family business. Find out more about the history of HPV Chandeliers.

Besides, we are officially recognised by the government as restorers, as the only Dutch company. Finally, we only offer handcraft production; we create the products in our large workplace. If you feel like sharing your wishes, don’t hesitate to contact us. Go to the contact page.