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To restore a chandelier, you need to be experienced, focused and professional. We are the only Dutch company that is recognised by the government to restore chandeliers and other style lighting. We have access to a modern workplace with everything we need to manufacture, maintain and restore style lighting. This makes it possible for us to restore chandeliers in the traditional way, and to offer this service to private customers.

We have been restoring chandeliers for over 40 years now, in the Netherlands and abroad. We are recognised by the Dutch “Association of Restorers”, an industry association for restoring and conservation. The way we work is approved by the “Ethical Code Committee”. Finally, we are part of the “Adjudication Committee”. As we are recognised restorers, we regularly work on large restoration projects.

Our reference page gives an impression of the many important projects we have executed worldwide.

What makes us unique concerning restoring chandeliers? Apart from the fact that we’re officially recognised, our large collection of original ornaments is a big plus. This enables us to restore almost any chandelier to original state. Our showroom contains a broad assortment of old and antique style lighting, which are examples of style lighting we have recently restored.

We were shaped into the leading company we are today by our rich history in manufacturing and restoring chandeliers. To find out more about the history of HPV Chandeliers, click here. Of course that is not the only thing that formed us to who we are today; we also possess a large collection of components and expert knowledge. For almost all chandelier restorations, you are at the right place at HPV Chandeliers.

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