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Maintaining Chandeliers and other Style Lighting | HPV Chandeliers

Maintaining chandeliers is not easy, but it’s necessary to extend the service life of your chandeliers. Your chandelier is a precious part of your interior that deserves a lot of attention. Our lighting does require some extra attention when it comes to maintenance.

Installation of your chandelier

Our installation team is available to install your lighting. We do all the installations ourselves and we ensure you a personalised result. Do you want us to check your existing lighting? We can definitely do that for you. Direct contact, responsible, professional and friendly is what sets our installation team apart.

Maintenance of your chandelier

When it comes to chandeliers, wall lights and ceiling lights, regular and professional maintenance will extend the service life. Our team of experts is ready to maintain your style lighting. Besides, we can set up a maintenance contract for you, which we can thoroughly discuss over a cup of coffee at our office.

Maintaining chandeliers for us means to visit the client and inspect the chandelier. If necessary, we repair your chandelier, or we change parts. To do this, we use the most modern technologies. We can also clean your chandelier and when we do this, we only use safe and environmentally friendly products. We can visit you or we can do this in our own workplace.

If cleaning and maintaining isn’t enough and you think about restoring your chandelier, you’re at the right place at HPV Chandeliers. As the only Dutch company, we are officially recognised by the government as restorers.

Find out more about restoring chandeliers.

Mounting the chandelier

Wrapping the chandelier

Cleaning the chandelier