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History of HPV Chandeliers | HPV Chandeliers

HPV Chandeliers is not like any other company - the history of this company tells you. It all started in Amsterdam, at Keizersgracht, in 1937. Johannes “Harrie” Vrisekoop was the lucky owner of the painting supply store called Artipictura. Famous artist Karel Appel was one of his clients. After the war, Johannes and his brother Pieter continued selling painting supplies in the Heerenstraat in Amsterdam. That’s how HPV got its name: Harrie-Pieter-Vrisekoop. Their dad worked in this company as well. Here, the selling of lamps started. As there was a shortage of raw materials, he let artists paint on lampshades, with a typical Dutch “Delfts Blue” pattern. Then, he put the lampshades onto old wine vases. It became a hit, and the lamps were sold throughout the whole of the Netherlands.

During the Korean War, the prices of copper and bronze raised to extremely high levels. There was a large movement of people that brought their bronze sculptures and old chandeliers to metal traders in de Jordaan, a neighbourhood in Amsterdam. The same happened at HPV. The people asked: “is there anything you can do with this?” And that’s when the company started restoring chandeliers. Over the past 80 years, we have completed a massive amount of restoration projects. Also, we possess a large range of original bronze and crystal components. That’s why creating custom made style lighting was a logical next step for us as a company.

The founder HPV Chandeliers: Johannes “Harrie” Vrisekoop.

Johannes “Harrie” Vrisekoop wrote a letter to his mother, after the war, to tell her they continued the business.

The official register document at the Chamber of Commerce in 1937.