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About Us


Marnix (46) is the current director of HPV Chandeliers. In 1995, he started his career in this company and in 2012, he officially took over the role as director from his father in law. At the very beginning, he worked only on Saturdays in the crystal workplace. After graduating from MMO-BD on the College of Economics in Zaandam, he started to work full-time at HPV Chandeliers.


Without doubt, Ton is the one with the most experience and knowledge. He has worked at HPV from the very beginning, in 1972. Two years later, he became the director, and that was his title until 2006. Now, at the age of 70, working at HPV still makes him happy and you can easily tell he’s enjoying his job.


Our youngest employee is Youk, 

Youk works at the workingplace, as well everywere in the Netherlands to install chandeliers for clients. He started his career at HPV Chandeliers in 2015 because he was doing an internship



Dieuwer is on the background, but that doesn’t mean she’s not important! She doesn’t work in the workplace or on location, but she’s responsible for the administration, and also helps customers in the showroom. She is Ton’s wife and is 65 years old.