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Is custom made style lighting one of your dreams? You are at the right place at HPV Chandeliers, located in the Netherlands! Buying a chandelier in Europe is a complicated but rewarding process. We would love to help you with professional advice. 

 To restore a chandelier in Europe, you need experts - it is a precious piece of art! We are qualified chandelier and style lighting restorers; it is our specialisation since 1938. 

 View our range of custom made chandeliers and custom made style lighting, or read more about restoring chandeliers.

Restoring chandeliers

The core of our company is definitely the restoration section. Our large collection of original ornaments enables us to restore your chandelier to its original state. We collaborate with governments, memorial associations, and private individuals in the Netherlands and abroad. We have experience of over 40 years, and we are recognised as an official style lighting restorer by the Dutch “Association of Restorers”.